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Hajj and Umrah travel agent in UK and Visa service provider

Hajj and Umrah travel agent in UK and Visa service provider

Like we all are busy nowadays, it's hard to find a mutual time between all family members to gather together and go for a holiday. I know, my readers, I mean you all have already encountered this issue previously. But, it is important to find time for a holiday, as it is the only time we can leave our stress behind and enjoy a beautiful time with our family, can feel the bonding.

So, if you finally manage some time, which place you would like to visit? I know, you have many options coming up in your mind right now, but I have only one option to give you, and I am sure, if you are a true Muslim, you are going to agree with me. And the destination is Mecca.

Mecca is world famous for holding the most two important religious places like Hajj and Umrah. For each and every Muslim it is like heaven. So any one at his first place would like to perform Hajj and Umrah.

Now the question is, how and when to perform this two religious prayer. As per norms, Umrah can be performed at any time of a year. But in case of Hajj, you can perform it for two times in a year.
There are many travel agents all over the world who can arrange this trip for you. And when are so many choices, it is easy for you to get confused. So, in this case, you should go for the travel agent who is famous and experienced.

When it is about a trusted and famous tourism company, the only name comes to my mind is Alhijaz Travel Agent Ltd. It is a UK based tourism company providing hajj and cheap umrah packages from its foundation.

Once you have opted for these travel solutions, you don't need to look back. Because they arrange each and every detail of your tour, be it your flight booking tickets or be it your hotel booking. You can book your package online by visiting their website at

The people of the UK and people around the world opted for Alhijaz Travel Agent Ltd previously and benefited. It's a normal sense that, when you are worry free of your arrangements and bookings, it is more easy to enjoy your Hajj and Umrah tour.

Apart from this, you can apply visa online here. When you are traveling to a different country, having a visa is necessary. Also, you need legalization documents and certain medical tests to be done before your visa application.

Different kind of visa is available here like tourist visa, resident visa, business visa, work visit visa and many more. If you wish to know this service in detail, you can visit their website. Applying visa offline is a hectic job. It is also time consuming. So if you want to reduce your effort and save your valuable time opt for visa services only from Alhijaz.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Fantastic Hajj Experience with Alhijaz Travel

Fantastic Hajj Experience

Hajj groups organized by some can be really amazing for you. When you are thinking of traveling Umrah then you should consider some famous tour companies which allow you to see sacred hajj and Umrah pilgrimage in the best way possible. The Umrah groups which are organized by these tour operators have actually been catering according to the needs of the several individuals across the world and you can think of choosing right services which can be very useful to fulfill your dreams. When you want to see Mecca and Madinah then you better think of choosing these tour companies.

There are some suggestions which can be really useful if they are followed to have the best travel packages that are discussed below:

Even when you are young then also you can think of going to hajj and umrah because it is better that you travel to Umrah especially when you are young because then you have so much of energy and can travel even without much ado.

You need to bring extra Ihram so that you have an extra piece as a backup when there is an issue or in case it gets very dirty.

You need to join the line and have to wait for your turn because patience is the major key here. When you lose patience then there are chances that you won't be able to actually come close to the god. The best time for umrah is during your holidays, in October, November, and December for this October umrah packages and November umrah packages are the best choice.

You need to make efforts and do the prayer near the entrance because that keeps your mind fresh and then you are able to stay calm in your complete tour. It is the best way of using amazing travel packages.

If it is possible then you should learn funeral prayer very carefully because it is the most important things that you need to do here. In fact it is good to have the knowledge about the best thing possible.

There are different continental hotels in and around the location and you should consider selecting one which suits your needs as well as preferences.

You need to know when you have to eat and where you have to stay in case you are thinking to go this location. When you are making the preparations early then it is quite essential for you and then you won't end losing this side.

There are different hajj and umrah packages with cheapest prices which goes well with your needs and choices but you should make sure that you work really hard and decide the right one in all this regard. Choose right services that when you are willing to have everything under your radar. Well it is the right way by which you will be able to take the earnings to a different level. Have fun when you are going on a tour to the Umrah by choosing perfect Umrah package with family.

Well in order to have more information on the same then you need to go through the articles listed by us and I can assure you that you will able to get immense information on the same.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Visit Safa And Marwa During Umrah

Visit Safa And Marwa During Umrah

What is Umrah?

                            Umrah is a non-compulsory religious obligation which can be performed anytime in the year. Umrah is a religious obligation in which Muslims from all around of the world come to visit the Holy Kabah with cheapest Umrah packages and does the Tawaf and Sa’ey and fulfil the rituals. It is the hearty desire of every Muslim that he or she visited the Holy House of Allah Almighty and perform Umrah at least for one time in his/her life. Umrah is the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) so Muslims perform Umrah in order to show their love, devotion to Allah Almighty. There is no fixed time for performing the Umrah and it can be performed at any time in the year. Umrah is the best way to seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty and wash out your sins. Umrah brings great rewards and blessings from Allah Almighty.

There are some rituals of Umrah like:

•    Ihram
•    Tawaf
•    Sa'ey
•    Qasar/ Halaq

Visit Safa and Marwah During Umrah:

                                                                                  Visit Safa and Marwah during Umrah is one of the rituals of Umrah which should be fulfilled because without this the Umrah is incomplete. Visiting Safa and Marwah is also known as Sa’ey which means ritual walking in pilgrimage. It is the back and forth movement seven times between the hills of Safa and Marwah. It is done in order to symbolize Hajra (AS) as her search for water for her son Hazrat Ismael (AS) from the mountain of Safa to the mountain of Marwah. Sa’ey must be performed after the Tawaf and its prayers. If you are there with best Luxury hajj packages then you must visit safa and marwah

Here are some important acts of sa’ey:

•    It is better to visit Safa and Marwa with wudu or ghusl.
•    Before you perform the Sa’ey kiss or touch the Black Stone.
•    Drink Zamzam water before performing the say.
•    It is better to ascend and descend the hills of Safa and Marwa each time on your movement.

Method Of Visit Safa and Marwa: 

                                                      Visit of Safa and Marwa consist of seven round one-way trips when you arrived for Umrah in October with best packages. The significance of Sa'ey is to run/walk back and forth seven times between the slopes of mountains of Safah and Marwa which are arranged toward the North and South direction of The House of Allah Almighty. When you are going to leave the boundary of Masjid Al Haram you can say the prayer and approach the Hills of  Safaa recite the specific Ayats, then climb to the hills of Safaa face to the Baitullah raise your hands and recites the prayer three times. Then the seventh trip will end at hills of Marwa. In sa’ee, there are four rounds of Safa and three round of  Marwa that makes the seven rounds. After performing the Sa’ee pilgrim will offer two Rakat nafal. Muslims brothers and sisters who want to perform Umrah in November and December they also know that visiting Safa and Marwa is very important in hajj and Umrah pilgrimage.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Final Leg of Five Duties:' Hajj to Mecca'

The Final Leg of Five Duties:' Hajj to Mecca'

Hajj to Mecca is one of the five duties that a Muslim is obligated to fulfil during his lifetime, provided he is physically fit and doing well financially. This activity dates back from the time of Abraham. Hundreds of thousand Islamic pilgrims stand on the plains of Arafat and ask Allah to wipe off their sins. In this Islamic Pilgrimage Muslim brothers all around the world sleep alongside each other and throw stones at the pillars of Mina, circumambulate the Kabaa, and pray in the Mosque. How many of you want to desire to hajj this year? Will you be one amongst the fortunate ones?

Muslims follow the lunar calendar and the dates of Hajj depend on the sightings of Moon. Hajj is an annual activity which takes place on the eighth day of Dhul Al- Hijjah. So if you have had faith, prayed, fasted,done charity it is time you take a Hajj and complete the five pillars of being a Muslim.

History of Hajj:

This Islamic pilgrimage dates back from the times of Prophet Mohammed. The economy of Mecca, majorly depends on the income from pilgrims.

The story co relates to the story of Hagar, Hagar was Abraham's second wife. Abraham married Hagar because his first wife was childless. After Abraham left her and his son,Ishmael, she ran between the hills of Safa and Marwa in search of food and water. As she prayed Allah for mercy, his son's heel hit the ground and the well of ZamZam sprung. When Abraham returned back he and Ishmael built the Kaaba.

What you have to do to ‘set out for a place'?

• If one wishes to go for hajj. He/she has to enter a special state of purity.'Irham' Men cover themselves with two unstitched piece of cloth, while woman must wear lose fitted cloth, cover their bodies and hair but not face.
• Travel to Mina, on the eighth day of DhulHijjah, and stay there day and night praising the Lord . Mina is approximately eight kilometres from Mecca. 
• On the ninth day, pilgrims travel to Arafat, which is fourteen kilometres away from Mina. Pilgrims pray here and repent for the sins they have done. and collect pebbels for next days rituals
• On the 10th day pilgrims pelt collected pebbles at the pillars of evil. ‘This partly signifies stoning enemies of life.'
• Women cut a lock of their hair and men shave their hair post this activity. They also make sacrifice and give meat to the needy.
• Past this pilgrims travel to ‘The Great Mosque' and circle the Kaaba seven times. as a final leg of the pilgrim.

Hajj tours are made easier for you, these days you can hire yourself a travel agent who will do the entire task on your behalf and guide you with the rules and regulations of Hajj. These tours vary from five star facilities to a general economy type pilgrim. Depending on the budget a person can pick from the variety offered.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

How to stay safe at this year's Hajj

Last year, a record one million, eight hundred thousand people arrived from across the world to experience the holy Muslim duty of Hajj, at the city of Mecca. On top of this, there were approximately another one million pilgrims who travelled from within Saudi Arabia; a total of nearly three million people. When you see the figures, it's easier to understand how, despite improved safety measures from the Saudi government, there continue to be deaths and injuries during the six day religious event.

There are a number of ways in which pilgrims travelling to the 2018 Hajj or Umrah 2018 with Best Packages can prepare for the pilgrimage and keep themselves safe whilst there. These tips cover both before and during Hajj, so ensure that all people hoping to complete the Hajj have completed all necessary actions.

Firstly, before you travel, ensure that all members of the travelling party have up to date travel inoculations. Each year, the Saudi government releases a list of travel vaccines which all pilgrims must have if they will be granted a Hajj or Umrah visa. The 2018 list included yellow fever, polio, influenza and meningitis – all nasty illnesses, so make sure that you're up to date with your jabs!

Once you have arrived at Mecca, ensure that you have plenty of clean water to drink and remember to eat as often as is necessary. This may sound obvious, but in recent years there has been a large number of Hajji's taken ill due to heat exhaustion, dehydration or fatigue. The only way to combat these things is to ensure you have enough water, rest if you start feeling weak or dizzy and stay out of the sun when possible.

The biggest risk when completing the Hajj is at the Jamarat Bridge area. There have been a number of stampedes and crushes in the past, but the Saudi government has improved facilities in the area. There are now more access-ways, footbridges and emergency exits; while crossing the bridge, keep on the lookout as to where the nearest exit would be. If the people around you do start pushing or jostling for room, remain calm, keep to the edge of the crowds and try and find the nearest exit. Keep hold of any young children or weak family members.

Finally, be careful during the stoning of the jamarat. With so many people who all wish to complete this part of their pilgrimage at the same time, there is a risk that flying stones may hit other hajjis. In order to minimise the chance of being hit by a stone, it may be worth throwing from the bridge level. On the final day of the Cheap Hajj Package 2019, try not to take your luggage with you to the jamarat; this decreases the amount of room there is for all pilgrims and will make it harder to get out of the crowd when you're looking to leave.

Whilst these are tips to keep protected at the 2018 Hajj Packages, if you keep calm and are sensible, the experience should be safe for everyone!

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